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Managed by a highly professional group consisting of information technologists, computer scientists, educationists, engineers, business managers, software developers, researchers and graphic designers.

PLANWEL's modern laboratories are equipped with latest workstations and servers; providing cutting edge technology for research and development

The Network architecture consists of:
10-Base-T LANs

100-Base-T or FDDI LANs (Server/Host Farms)

ISDN BRI/H.320 Video-conferencing (128 Kbps - will be operational in 2 months)

TCP/IP as Primary/sole OSI Layer Class Protocols (unlimited Internet access) for each researcher

OSPF Routing

SNMP Network Management (all components SNMP manageable)

ATM Routing (Future - Very High Performance Backbone Network Service)

Firewall Security to Internet

Intranet applications for multimedia courseware

Developing Extranet for dissemination of courses to various Virtual University POP's in the region.

Center for excellence for Research and Development for Very High Performance Backbone Network Service for the establishment of Virtual University POP's in the region.

Affiliation's and Peerings with International centers for higher learning and research institutes, local affiliations with University Grants Commission and the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology to offer a one-year post graduate diploma.

Dynamic and job oriented curriculum

Special tailored on job training program, focused to the needs of Software houses

Opportunities for international research collaborations for researchers, providing exposure, career advancement, and job placement services.

Researchers work on real life projects.

Focus area courses for current term is Networking, Internet; core courses include C++, object oriented programming, Project management and risk analysis.

Academic advisor College of Business Management.



Copyright planwel 1998-2001. All rights reserved. Planwel maintains a racially non-discriminating policy and admits students of any races, religions, gender and ethnic backgrounds to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students of Planwel. Planwel will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender and ethnic origin in the hiring of its certified or non-certified personnel.